The Constitution

1 Name of the club

The name of the club shall be Eastbourne Borough Football Club Supporters Club ( hereafter known as the Club

2 Objectives of the Club

2.1 To promote and encourage in the Club

2.2 To organise, when financially viable, transport to away matches

2.3 To organise, when required, social events in order to promote and cultivate a spirit of friendship among Club supporters

3. Management of the Club

3.1 The management of the Club will be delegated to an Executive Committee, elected annually at the AGM

3.2 The Executive Committee shall consist of : Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; Transport Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Secretary; Website and Publicity Manager; Goal Sponsorship Secretary; Projects Secretary and other posts as needed and agreed by The Committee, and agreed at the AGM

3.3 Role of Chairman.

a) To chair each meeting, b) Prepare and chair the AGM, c) Ensure the Club is run in a professional manner, d) To ensure the Constitution is adhered to. ( Note: The constitution shall be reviewed  from time to time as agreed by the Committee) e) Delegate tasks to the Committee as required, f) notify the Media as and when required.

3.4 Role of Secretary.

a) Take minutes and circulate to Committee members ( within 10 days after each meeting) b)Prepare necessary documentation from and for the AGM, c) Supervise communication sites as appropriate.

3.5 Role of Treasurer.

a) Maintain financial records, b) Bank cash and monitor balances ( Note: Cheques require TWO signatures ) c) Pay transport accounts, d) Prepare and present financial statement to the AGM, e) Sanction fund raising activities as agreed by the Committee.

3.6 Role of Membership Secretary.

a) Make membership forms available, b) receipts and membership cards, c) Pass collected subscriptions to Treasurer, d) Maintain membership records, e) Organise half time draws.

3.7 Transport Secretary.

a) Negotiate prices and details with selected coach company, b) Obtain bookings from members, c Agree when trips are viable or not.

3.8 Role of Website and Publicity Secretary

a) Update the Club website as advised by the Secretary

3.9 Role of Projects Secretary.

a) Carry out any research on projects as required by the Committee and produce relevant papers, b) Scan other Supporters Club activities and report to the Committee.

3.10 Social Events.

Events to be arranged and organised by the Committee collectively.

4 Meetings.

Note: A quorum for an AGM or EGM shall be 10 members or 5% of the paid up members that need to be in attendance.

4.1 Nominations

a) Nominations for Committee posts shall be received by the Secretary no later that one week before the AGM. b) If no new nominations have been received for a certain post, they can be accepted form the floor, c) Voting for more that one nomination, show of hands and the majority wins.

4.2 Election of members.

Each Committee member shall be elected at the AGM or EGM or by co-option as agreed by the Committee.

4.3 Discipline.

The Committee shall have the power to expel any Committee member that fails to attend 3 Committee meetings without good reason.

4.4 Meetings.

a) At least 4 Committee meetings per year ( quorum of two thirds of members required to attend) b) AGM to be held usually by May 31st ( quorum of 10 members or 5% of paid members need to be in attendance ) c) Agenda and relevant papers prepared by the Secretary to be available prior to the meeting. d) Minutes of the AGM shall be available to members by request. e) Voting for Committee positions shall be by show of cards by paid up members. f) Reports to be given by various post holders. g) Election of members, either by individual nomination or en bloc. h) Discuss any resolution submitted to the Secretary. i) No other business other than stated shall be discussed at the AGM or EGM. j) Constitution will be changed only at an AGM or EGM when a majority vote will be required. k) EGM ( note; quorum requirements) shall be called by the Secretary if presented with a petition containing 20 seperate signatures of paid up members. Reason for such a request must be stated, proxy and postal votes will be allowed. l) Receive annual financial statement.

5 Membership

a) Members will be required to pay the annual subscription which will have been agreed by the current Committee. b) The Committee will have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Committee renders the member unsuitable for membership. That member will be given the opportunity to  explain their conduct to the Committee. c)Examples of misconduct are physically attacking or verbally abusing any Supporters Club member, or any form of behaviour which brings disrepute to the Supporters Club or the Football Club. d) All paid up members over the age of 16 on the date of the AGM have the right to vote.

6 Communication.

a) Any comments made about Eastbourne Borough Football Club by any member or Committee member are comments of the individual and not of the Supporters Club  Committee. b)Comments to the media regarding Supporters Club business must be approved bu the Chairman of the Supporters Club.

7. Federation of Supporters' Club

a) A nominated member of the Committee will liaise with the Federation. b) Payments to the federation will be sanctioned by the Committee.

8 Dissolution of the Supporters Club.

a)The Club shall be wound up at any quorate AGM or EGM where there is a two thirds majority of voting paid up memebrs in favour of a motion to wind up the club, with such motion being clearly indicated on the agenda for the meeting. b) When such a motion has been passed, the Treasurer shall pass on any monies, after settlement of outstanding debts, to the Treasurer of Eastbourne Borough Football Club.

Pusblished May 27th 2010